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Noemi Nuti

Noemi nuti on ubuntu music

Ubuntu Music launched its first artist release in March 2015 featuring Noemi Nuti, a dynamic Jazz and Brazilian singing sensation. The album, 'Nice to Meet You', is a warm yet joyful acoustic album, where Noemi’s natural and honest approach invites the music to speak for itself, while creating a genuine connection with the listener who is taken on a journey into a variety of musical spaces. Noemi has extensive musical training and has performed at premiere UK jazz venues and toured throughout Brazil. Her UK Tour commences in February, and will include festival dates and performances in Europe.

The album is co-produced by the jazz trumpet master Quentin Collins, who is featured on the album that captures his intelligent and distinctive sound. The band consists of a number of exceptionally gifted musicians. Drummer Enzo Zirilli's experience, pianist Chris Eldred's phrasing, guitarist Filipe Monteiro's Brazilian roots and Tim Thornton's solid base lines combine to create the spark for igniting a thoroughly enjoyable audio experience. Andrew McCormack, highly acclaimed UK pianist, is a guest on several tracks. The end result is an immensely colourful rainbow that so richly contributes to the ever-developing UK jazz scene.